A Day in the Life |Volume one

This is my first Day in the Life (DITL) series inspired by Jessica Thomason...thank you for the inspiration.  I am not going to lie....it was hard.  First it requires you to carry your (large) camera with you everywhere and whip it out at any given moment.  I am quite shy when it comes to doing this in town.  It feels a bit awkward...I have to admit.  But since this is a series I plan to do it again and each time feel more comfortable. The particular day that the group of photographers decided to do a DITL shoot wasn't exactly my typical day either.  Normally there would have been much more clothes and toys strung around the house or kids running around but we were gone for a lot of it.  Plus, I don't normally shoot a lot of scenic especially without a person in it....but this morning my run took me through some country roads and I drove back out to capture the beautiful day!

Because when you stop and look around...this life is pretty amazing - unknown


Normally I wake about 4:30-5:00 am to work out.  It is not easy but it is habit and it feels great to do it! Clear early morning from a bedroom

I am training for a half marathon right now...this is not easy either!  I am not a 'runner' at all but I do enjoy a challenge and it makes it much easier with friends.  Today was my first day running this route...wasn't it was beautiful!Enjoying an early morning run past a wheat fieldEnjoying an early morning run along this country road

When I get home from my workout my husband is still home and most the time my son is awake.  Often they are eating breakfast together but this particular morning they were done and my daughter was ready to eat.  She is at the age where she wants to do everything herself.getting ready for breakfastgirl getting in chair and buckling up

Mostly everyone that knows my family knows that we like the outdoors and enjoy growing our own food or at least eating locally when possible.  Today was our first day picking peaches.  It was something so easy for the kids to do.  All I had to do was keep my daughter from eating the rotten ones off the ground.  2014-08-30_0004two children picking peaches in an orchard2014-08-30_0006two children picking peaches in an orchardboy picking peaches in an orchardtwo children picking peaches in an orchardgirl in a peach orcharddelicious peaches at a you pick farm in Keizer Oregondelicious peaches at a you pick farm in Keizer Oregondelicious peaches at a you pick farm in Keizer Oregon

We are back on our way home...all of us are hungry!scenic wheat field in Keizer Oregon

After lunch it is typically nap time.  My son can sleep about 4 hours still if we let him.  It is often a challenge to wake him up.  While he finishes sleeping I try and tackle the never ending pile of laundry....sometimes I have help....and other times I don't. :)Playful child and mother enjoying time together2014-08-30_0007sleepy child waking from his naptime

One thing I learned about a DITL is that I really have to push myself to get more creative.  Today I learned that shooting from inside the closet was just what I needed....until I was busted!creative shot from inside a closetKids having fun jumping on the bed2014-08-30_0008Kids having fun jumping on the bed

Normally when my husband gets home from work we will eat dinner together but tonight Papa and Gigi invited us over for dinner.  This is also where we have more vegetable gardens and so we did our picking since we were all ready there.  We are lucky to have great grandparents so close and see them multiple times a week!Husband getting home from workHusband getting home from workAdmiring the beautiful sunset at home in Salem Oregon2014-08-30_0009Dad and daughter picking vegetables from their gardenFamily of three picking fruit in the countryFamily of three picking fruit in the country

As we wrap up at our family's house it is dark.  Knowing that I probably wouldn't shoot anymore when I got home, I decided to close my evening of shooting with the beautiful night lights!2014-08-30_0010City lights in Salem Oregon at night


Thank you for looking at my DITL series!