Waiting for our brother | Salem Oregon Family Photographer

I think this has been one of my favorite sessions so far.  I have only known Emily and the kids a couple years, but I have known Darrin since he was a baby.  Darrin is my little brother.  There are four of us kids and I think he is the probably the kindest and easy going of all of us.  It is only fitting that he is a natural dad with overflowing patience for three kids.  I have known from the start that Emily loves my brother unconditionally and that they make each other laugh and smile, it has always been evident.  As they have been waiting for their new baby to come I have enjoyed getting updates along the way.  They continued to wait until about two weeks ago when he was born.  When I was there I heard how Emily worked till the day she went into Labor.  When the oldest daughter was picked up from school that day she was told her little brother was born and it made her cry.  She said, "I was so happy"!