Day in the Life | Saturday Morning - Salem Oregon Family Photographer

I have been wanting to photograph my friend and her family for a while now.  So one Saturday morning I went to their house.  I promised no forced smiles, no cheeses, and no directing.  It was just her and the girls on a typical Saturday.  

A window covered with raindrops interests me more then a photograph with a famous person.
— Saul Leiter

And so it began....toaster biscuits (as we call them in my house), a dog at the window, two girls in pajamas, and a fan by the door.  Just a few things that I found to be wonderful through my lens.  I once had a mentor tell me you had to find something in the family that makes you draw closer to their story and that makes you work harder for them.  I continue to work on this and I have found that when I find that 'something' in the session it becomes even more meaningful to me.  It doesn't have to be anything extraordinary to be meaningful.  

Everything is suitable to be photographed. Everything is a photograph.
— Saul Leiter

For my friend Tabitha - 

Quotes inspired from a new project coming out at the end of September.

This session was shot almost entirely in film, Portra 400.  Developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

Thank you for visiting and looking at my work.  I am a family storytelling photographer serving the Salem and Portland areas.  I prefer to shoot in a documentary style and do my best work observing my surroundings.  My passion is for telling family stories on location and at clients homes.  I also love to document my family life in a creative way.  You can find my session information here and contact me here