From the Masters in November | Salem Oregon Documentary Photographer

I studied street photographer, William Eggleston, this month.  What I saw in his images I shot at home in my daily life.

I just wait until [my subject] appears, which is often where I happen to be. Might be something right across the street. Might be something on down the road. And I’m usually very pleased when I get the image back. It’s usually exactly what I saw. I don’t have any favorites. Every picture is equal but different.
— William Eggleston
I knew that his photographs are very indicative of who he is and how he sees life, and I have always seen that in not only in his photographs but how he looks at things—and what he looks at—and what he notices. He definitely has a different eye. I’ve seen him stare for hours at a china set, [laughs] and not a particularly valuable china set. It is sort of maddening, but extraordinary.”
— Andrea Eggleston
I’ve always assumed that the abstract qualities of [my] photographs are obvious. For instance, I can turn them upside down and they’re still interesting to me as pictures. If you turn a picture that’s not well organized upside down, it won’t work.
— William Eggleston

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Thank you for visiting and looking at my work.  I am a family storytelling photographer serving the Salem and Portland areas.  I prefer to shoot in a documentary style and do my best work observing my surroundings.  My passion is for telling family stories on location and at clients homes.  I also love to document my family life in a creative way.  You can find my session information here and contact me here