A family's new |Salem Oregon Family Photographer

When Lia first contacted me about participating in one of my family casting calls she had only lived in Salem for three weeks!  She had no connections with my work prior to the session but she heard about the casting call through Giggles and Goldfish who posted my casting call on their Facebook page.  I think it's really amazing when you can read something about someone and know a little about them in just a few small paragraphs.  Her story not only involves her but her kids and extended family.  They knew they wanted to live in the Northwest so Lia's family including her kids, sister, and parents moved from Southern California.  Soon her husband would be joining them too!

The house was still in boxes and things were not put in their place but that didn't matter.  She wrote to me "it is beautiful here and this is a magical time for my kids that I would love to have captured".

Lia is also a photographer and spends most the time on the other side of the camera but she really wanted to be in the images with her kids.  Most of the time us moms are the ones taking the images of our kids to remember life as it is that we rarely get in the images too.  Even if us parents don't enjoy having our pictures taken I think that most of us still want those memories with our kids...the memories of day to day life.  I am so glad she contacted me to do the session.  Each of her children had their unique personality that helped tell their family story.  From the oldest who was obviously the helper to the youngest, as Lia said, "is the light of our lives".

Lia - it was a privilege to come and document your family....Thank you!