What October Feels Like | Salem Family Photographer

 "As soon as I saw you I knew a grand adventure was about to happen"  -A.A. Milne.

Four years ago in October my son was born.  This particular day was my son's 4th birthday party.  The day was filled with family, friends, cake, and a bounce house for all who felt like jumping....and jumping.  As the day died down we went to the park to play.  I always find it interesting how my favorite images are the ones where I can can just sit and observe us... and watch what we do best.  I love this portrait because it shows who he is on this glorious day turning four!

“I have always been caught by the pull of the unremarkable, by the easily missed, infinitely nourishing beauty of the mundane.” -Tana French

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a boy making faces in front of the camera

Seasons is a blog circle with five wonderful photographers from around the United States.  We all have a passion for telling a story and evoking emotion with our images even though we have our unique style as individual artists.  Each month the members of Seasons will post an image (or more) that shows what that month feels like and our readers will continue to the next artists website to view the next post until it makes a full circle.

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