One Day One Roll | August - Salem-Portland Family Photographers

One day one roll is a new personal project using film.  It is learning film. All images will be taken in a day's time and shared each month.

During August we went to an orchard to pick peaches and blueberries.  I brought my Pentax 645n, a medium format film camera, to shoot with.  The film was Portra 800 and one roll will produce 16 frames.  This month the whole roll was a keeper....awesome!  I find that I like using Kodak fill the most.  Often I will shoot with Portra 400 and I recently shot with some Portra 160 and should get the scans back next week.  

The one nice thing about photography is it teaches you to look, it teaches you to appreciate all kinds of things.
— Saul Leiter

Film was developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

Thank you for visiting and looking at my work.  I am a family storytelling photographer serving the Salem and Portland areas.  I prefer to shoot in a documentary style and do my best work observing my surroundings.  My passion is for telling family stories on location and at clients homes.  I also love to document my family life in a creative way.  You can find my session information here and contact me here