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Last summer my husband and I were waiting to see a movie and decided to walk around a nearby neighborhood.  That evening I shot an image of the setting sun coming over a fence between two homes.  I loved it so much that I use the image on my website.  I had no idea that one of the homes in the image would be the home of a future client.  I got to know a little about the family through emails as I waited for their first son to arrive.

Sadie wanted a session that involved documenting their first days at home and experiencing the realness of the moment.  More than anything she wanted images with her family.  I remember her saying that my images seemed to capture the rhythms of life and that's want she wanted to remember.

Mairead, described as 'beautiful as she is kind' and 'the best Auntie ever' was here with her husband from California.  Sadie's parents traveled from New York to see their first grandchild.  I'm sure there will be more frequent trips to see them as he grows.

Because when you stop and look around,

this life is pretty amazing.

- unknown

Thank you for visiting and looking at my work.  I am a lifestyle and storytelling photographer serving the Salem and Portland areas.  My passion is for telling newborn and family stories on location and at clients homes.  I also love to document my family life in a creative way and have recently started a new project.  If you have any session ideas or would like to send me an email, I would love to hear from you.    

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