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Stories in Seven is a blog circle with a group of photographers from around the United States and beyond.  Every month we are posting seven images that tell a story.  At the end of my post you will see the link to the next photographer.  Complete the entire circle and see everyone's story.  

My story is of a boat, this boat.  My husband and his dad used to fish in this boat a lot.  It was their thing to do together.  We normally don't have it in our garage but it was there for about a week before it was sold.  One morning we ventured out to the garage to play and the kids thought the boat was a great way to explore and it was!  They flipped up the seats, tied down their anchors, and walked from one side to another.  They might have caught a fish or two along the way.  Even thought the boat never left dry ground I know they were exploring the water together from inside the garage.  

"Everything you can imagine is real." - Pablo Picasso

Up next is the talented storytelling photographer Felicia Chang.  


Thank you for visiting and looking at my work.  I am a lifestyle and storytelling photographer serving the Salem and Portland areas.  I prefer to shoot in a documentary style and do my best work observing my surroundings.  My passion is for telling newborn and family stories on location and at clients homes.  I also love to document my family life in a creative way and have recently started a new project before my third child arrives in May.  If you have any session ideas or would like to send me an email, I would love to hear from you.    I would also love to hear your comments!

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