Unbranding: a personal post | Salem-Portland Or Family Photographers

"I am not the most successful, most followed, wealthiest photographer.  But I am doing exactly what I want and what I need to" Sharon Mckeeman. 

Recently, I finished a workshop, Unbranding, with Sharon McKeeman.  I don't really think there are the right words that I can say to express how perfect this class was for me...at the most perfect time.  In a way this post is a little about Unbranding, a little about me, and a little about my journey.  The people who know me best know when I decided to officially start a business I was fearful of losing my passion, that feeling that made me want to create images.  I was afraid of being sucked into the "business" and losing what really makes my heart sing.  Even though I am still figuring this all out Sharon's class has helped me to keep everything in perspective and keep producing the images that are me, not the images that I think others want me to produce.

"It is about getting down to the bones of who you are and shouting it to the world" Sharon Mckeeman.

Not only did she help us create an awesome Squarespace website (Ischimoto template), Sharon crafted lessons that helped me develop my true voice and to use it clearly and confidently.  To be honest this is not easy and I am merely in the baby steps, but she gave me the tools and the confidence to start.  My voice is like my photography; it will always be shaped, molded, and defined.  It will always get stronger.  Another part of what I loved is that she helped me explore childhood memories and how this relates to my image making.  It took me over a year to write an about me section and it was all because of lesson one that gave me ideas to make it me.  She said, "You have a story.  Something or someone helped you fall in love with image making".  These memories as a child and my love for old family pictures is why I create stories the way I do. 

There is so much more that I would love to share but I will leave you with these images.  They were created during week one when we were encouraged to think of the those things we love to do.  I am a photographer that loves to tell stories not just of families, but of those moments that make us who we are and what we love.