What December feels like | Salem-Portland, Oregon Family Photographers

We always thought we would be a two kid family and these little feet of my daughter would be our last.  This has been a quieter pregnancy for me for some reason.  I am taking each day and week to absorb our time together.  This little one in the image says she wants a girl and a brother not really knowing that she is saying the opposite.  My son has definitely wanted a brother from the start.  

I love these moments where I can just observe her childish features and ways but then realize how big she is getting as she is putting on her own socks and doing everything herself, or at least trying.  Soon she will be able to "help", along with her brother, when our new baby comes in 2015.  

Next on the blog circle is Florida based documentary photographer Lauren Mitchell.  You should take a look at some of her recent blog posts, her food photography is always amazing! 

Seasons is a blog circle with five wonderful photographers from around the United States.  We all have a passion for telling a story and evoking emotion with our images even though we have our unique style as individual artists.  Each month the members of Seasons will post an image (or more) that shows what that month feels like and our readers will continue to the next artists website to view the next post until it makes a full circle.


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