What November feels like

Literally, it feels cold.  I mean really cold...at least for me.  My first instinct is to hibernate when it is this cold, mostly because I am just not used to it.  I want what makes me feel comfortable, who wouldn't?  A warm sweater, tea, or possibly a fire?  These comforts of the season are so inviting and draw me inside.  Embracing November for what it is kind of like the weather.  Sometimes things are just tough and cold but does it really last for that long?  Most the time not, or at least in Oregon (thankfully).  In fact, the sun came out and things are better already.  Quickly, the things that were once a big deal really aren't especially when looked at it from the right perspective.  This particular morning the grass crunched beneath our feet and every breath was seen in the air.  At the same time the sun kept us warm under our jackets and made a way for us to embrace the day in all its glory.  And it felt good.  

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Seasons is a blog circle with five wonderful photographers from around the United States.  We all have a passion for telling a story and evoking emotion with our images even though we have our unique style as individual artists.  Each month the members of Seasons will post an image (or more) that shows what that month feels like and our readers will continue to the next artists website to view the next post until it makes a full circle.

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