What September Feels Like

Thank you for visiting!  I am a family photographer in Salem, Oregon and I am really excited to start a new project with a very talented group of photographers from around the United States that we are calling Seasons.  We all have a passion for telling a story and evoking emotion with our images even though we have our unique style as individual artists.  Each month the members of Seasons will post an image that shows what that month feels like and our readers will continue to the next artists website to view the next post until it makes a full circle.

What September feels like

September is a transition month in many ways. This is the time when life goes from busy to hectic...school, birthdays, and holidays.  Not to mention my oldest started preschool just one week before this image was taken. This camping trip was our way of wishing farewell to summer as we welcomed in fall and all of its beauty.  In some ways the weather in this image is a representation of our everyday life right now.  Most days, we have a difficult time deciding between shorts for those warm sunny afternoons or the comfort of a cozy sweatshirt first thing in the morning. As I see the sun pouring in through this image, I long for the summer to stay; instead, I embrace the crisp fall air and decide to move forward.

Continue on the blog circle and visit Chicago based photographer Holly Donovan.  I am always in awe of her images!

Girl camping on a chilly morning