Wedding Day Questionnaire

I am looking forward to your wedding!  It will be here soon!!!  Please fill out the form below to help me get more information about the day and what you envision.  

Here are some more details/info:  

It may take up to 10 weeks for me to complete the images.  They will be available as a digital download unless arranged otherwise.  A link will be sent to the primary email with the information on accessing the gallery and downloading the images.  The gallery is only downloadable one time and will expire after 4 weeks.  Images can be purchased through the gallery if you desire.  I will send details on that when the actual gallery is sent.  There are normally a lot of images, especially from a wedding.  However, I do not guarantee a certain number of images as every session/wedding is different.  

Please let me know if you have questions!


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Brides name
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Brides address
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Brides Phone
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Grooms Name
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Grooms address
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Grooms Phone
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New Address
If you will have a new address after your wedding, please let me know.
Name of wedding venue
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Wedding Venue Address
Is there a wedding coordinator associated with the venue I can contact for questions, if needed? Include name and phone number.
Where will you be getting ready for the wedding? *
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Please tell me who is in your wedding party. Include names and relationship to bride/groom.
Please tell me your timeline for the day. This may be a general timeline if final plans aren't decided.
What events will you have during the wedding/reception? *
Please tell me who will be a part of family images and relationship to bride/groom.
Do you have an idea for the first look? Or will the groom see the bride for the first time when she walks down the isle?
How do you envision your wedding images (bride & groom). Feel free to include any links you have been looking at.
Please let me know anything else that you think is important.